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[mostly] repost fo'evah. sometimes there's crass and/or whiny texts by me. joy.
-Travis Oak.
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Growth by jellyfire on Flickr.

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horror movie opening scene
white girl: i dont like this abandoned insane asylum, zack.
white boy: come on, amanda, 10 years ago tonight, the famous blood skull killer committed his last murder right here and then vanished.
white girl: you're just trying to scare me.
white boy: lmao
white girl: babe what that??
white boy: i'll go investigate
white girl: zack!!!
white boy: ha ha just kidding!
white girl: asshole!
white boy: im just playin babe
white girl: that wasnt funny but ur still cute
white boy: i'll go investigate
white girl: zack! this isnt funny anymore zack!
white girl: ahhh!!
white girl: ahhh!!!
opening title slashes across screen: BLOOD SLICE IN 3-D<p>season two of AHS</p>
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Neo-Nazis get their shit pushed in by native american grandmothers, who then capture their flag, take selfies with it, and then burn it.

Neo Nazi status: Wrekt.

Fav 4ever

You will never be as cool as these grandmothers.

literally the most punk rock thing on my dash ever. Nazi Punks fuck off

literally these grannies will beat out every single white dudebro in a game of CAPTURE THE FLAG

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Good lord, this is the most stark portrayal I’ve seen of this.

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Israel Bans Radio Broadcast on Child Deaths in Gaza

July 25th, 2014

The Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has censored a radio clip naming children killed in Gaza, due to its “politically controversial” content, Haaretz reported Thursday.

Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, which prepared the censored broadcast, appealed against the decision but the IBA once again refused to run the clip.

According to Haaretz, the broadcast reveals the fact that children have been killed in Gaza since Israel’s Protective Edge operation began 17 days ago, reading out some of their names.

So far more than 600 people have been killed in bombings in Gaza, more than 150 of them children. But apart from a brief report on the number of fatalities, the Israeli media refrains from covering them," B’Tselem said in a statement cited by Haaretz.

According to the UN, over the past two days in Gaza, one Palestinian child has been killed every hour.

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